Phosphate Coatings

IAI provides a variety of phosphate coatings including phosphate manganese coating, zinc phosphate coating, salt spray testing and corrosion testing services.

Phosphate coating is a surface coating applied by immersion in a bath of phosphoric and nitric acid mixed with phosphate salts. When steel or iron parts are submerged a reaction takes places between the acid and metal parts causing the dissolved phosphate salts to be precipitated out of solution and onto the surface of the parts. IAI has the capability to apply both Manganese and Zinc Phosphate coatings in accordance with MIL-DTL-16232.

Phosphate coatings are often used to provide corrosion resistance, help break in components subject to wear and help prevent galling. Oil or other sealers can be applied over top of the phosphate to achieve maximum corrosion resistance.

Phosphate coatings can also serve as a surface preparation for further coating and/or painting. The phosphate coated surface provides excellent adhesion and will provide resistance against galvanic corrosion.

IAI also has a salt spray corrosion testing chamber to perform the required testing in accordance with MIL DTL-16232. This testing verifies the coating effectiveness for corrosion resistance.